Your Questions About Black Toenail Falling Off

December 29, 2011

Chris asks…

how to keep my loose toenail from falling off?

my toenail is loose and black and blue and its almost summer!!! i dont want it to fall off then have to wear sneakers all summer!!! What should i do?

Arline Burnett answers:


Nancy asks…

My left big toenail is falling off?

a month ago, someone stepped on my big toe middle of the soccer game.
my toenail turned black then now it starts to falling off
(actually 2/3 of my toenail lifted.)
i saw some of the answers saying tat do not not pull it off until it fall off on its own

i know i have to stop play soccer until it recovers but, im on the middle of season and my teammates needs me on the field.

what should i do?
should i put a bandaid on it ?

Arline Burnett answers:

This happened to me once as a teen and was very painful so I’d suggest not pulling it off. Mine came off naturally I think.

My father in law though hurt his big toe and being the country boy he is he pulled if off. EW!

I’d suggest maybe talking to your coach, parents or even doctor before doing anything yourself. I say your coach because he will know how much your team needs you and if they would be ok without you while the toe recovers. Also I am sure he has seen this before.

Good luck.

Carol asks…

Why does my toenail keep falling off?

Okay so on my second toe my nail keeps coming off it doesn’t hurt at all it will fall off grow back and then like turn black and fall off again I don’t know what to do

Arline Burnett answers:

Onychoptosis. If it keeps falling off you defiantly have toe fungus :(
But a doctor can easily get rid of it with the right meds.


Good luck!!

John asks…

When is my black toenail going to fall off?

Hello, for some reason every time I switch into new soccer cleats I guess the pressure causes the same toe nail every time to turn black and it usually falls off within a few months. This has happened about 3 times for me in the past couple of years. This time it has been black for about 7-8 months and is still not even close to falling off or feeling loose. I don’t know if thats ok or not… It really does not hurt and its only the actual nail that is dead, no skin damage or infections or anything. I just dont know if I should do anything or just give it more time.

Arline Burnett answers:

Being black under the toenail is blood rather its old are new you need to get that checked out

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