Your Questions About New Toenail Growing Under Old

March 29, 2012

Susan asks…

Funky toenail problem …….?

I went to a new podiatrist today and I have three options concerning my person diagnosis of “funky toenails” (funky toenails = old and new toenail growing together, the new one under the old one. The old one has become discolored and the new one can’t grow properly unless the old one is removed):

1. Very expensive oral medication. If I have toenail fungus, the medication will work but it doesn’t guarantee my toenails will be back to normal. There is no guarantee the medication will work and it costs a buttload of money (think $1300).

2. Don’t do anything. The nails won’t ever heal but they probably won’t fall off, either.

3. Schedule surgery. It’s possible for me (who is squeamish when people touch her feet) to be put under general anesthesia and have the toenail removed. The new toenail will grow and all will be well with the world (or at least I’ll be able to wear sandals again).

Has anyone had this kind of toenail surgery before? How long did it take for your toenail to grow back (if at all)? Has anyone ever taken the Lamisil? What do you think the best option is, considering I hate people touching or even just looking at my feet?
First off, I meant “personal diagnosis”, not “person diagnosis.” And I’m sorry to the girl down there who freaked out. I’m freaked out, too. I was hoping someone could calm me down.

Arline Burnett answers:

I’ve had ingrown toenails and it didn’t hurt much to get them removed… Actually hurt less than the ingrown toenail.
My sister has had a double toenail surgery and it turned out fine. I’m not sure about your toenail fungus.

Helen asks…

Strange question about toenail, different than others, can anyone explain?

So I have always had a “large” amount of cuticle on the nails of my hands and feet; and on my big toes the cuticle often can easily rub off. So a few weeks ago, I rubbed the excess cuticle off (gross, but completely painless, and comes off super easily, odd though) and a few days after that, I noticed that on both toes, there was an even larger gap of space between the toenail and skin. So, each day my toenail is continuing to grow forward, and there is a new toenail under each big toe. What does this mean? Do I just have to wait for the ‘old‘ toenails to completely “grow” off? And what would cause this?

Thank you!

Arline Burnett answers:

Ur toe nail will grow back to normal if u get it removed completely,hope it is not smelling and infected,if u leave it like that then it will take very long to heel,may be six months,if it is infected it will never heal unless treated

Joseph asks…

Could I have diabetes?

Okay so I will start off by saying this: I am an 18 year old female. I am 5’5″ and 164 pounds (yes I am about 35lbs overweight). I have wondered for a while if I have had diabetes. I am pretty sure it runs in my family. I have always had poor circulation (my feet are always cold), I used to have mottled skin when I was younger (reddish/purple blotches), I have always had a hard time with cuts healing. One time on the first day of school I got a cut, and there was still a “scar” there 2 months later. Within the past few days I though I was getting a uti. But then the symptoms got a little better. now it feels like a yeast infection is coming on. I had recently had oral sex so I thought maybe that was the cause. Although sources said that can happen, they also link it to diabetes. Also I might add that I have had about 4 uti’s since I was about 12 or 13. I have a dry patch of skin on the bottom of my foot. I also have a toenail where something weird is happening. A new toenail is growing under my old toenail (I think it may have had fungus, as it turned a little yellowish). I don’t want to freak myself out and be one of those people who is worrying about nothing. So please, tell me what you honestly think…because to me it sounds like I have diabetes. Also, if you think I do, could you please tell me whether you think its type 1 or type 2? Thanks in advance

Arline Burnett answers:

Miss Muffet,

Yes, it is possible that you could have diabetes. But let’s not jump the gun. The first thing to rule it out would be to obtain bloodwork with HbA1c – which gives you a 3-4 month average of your blood sugars. If that is within range, I would say you are not diabetic, though you may struggle with blood sugar and insulin control. If so, there is a program we use that could help (see the “teen guide” at the source I have listed). We can also help you with weight loss to a healthy level if that is something you are interested in.

As far as the other symptoms, it is really hard to tell and diagnose from history alone. An appointment with your doctor or at a campus health clinic is appropriate.

Bottom line, there are a myriad of things that can cause your symptoms of poor circulation/healing, recurrent UTI, odd toenail growth etc., and most of them are NOT life-altering diseases. Before getting concerned, get some bloodwork done, see your doctor (or a campus health center), and get their opinion. And in the future, make sure the guy brushes his teeth and rinses with mouthwash first.

David asks…

will a new toe nail grow?

during cross country i got a blister under my toenail the week after i got another one on the same toe. so basically to nail was high up. Now, 4 weeks later the blister tore and my nail is hanging lose and i think its right from the root because as it gets to the base theres a thicker part.

So ive heard of nails growing back, but its was that the new one grows under the old one and then pushes it out.

mine has nothing but bare skin. its going to be a hell of a thing to explain when people see. i would really like my nail back .

Arline Burnett answers:

Yes of course they will grow back! It has happened to me once and probably is going to happen to me again. But mine grew back. Just put on a fake nail. Also by putting on a fake nail will help the original nail grow straight.

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